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5/50 Account Features
Your full feature 5/50 account will include all the functionality of competing, high end accounts at only a fraction of the cost.

You get:

  • As many blocks of 50Mb as you need
  • 3Gb/month bandwidth
  • FTP Access
  • Your Own Cgi-bin
  • Perl Support
  • PHP4 Support
  • mySQL
  • SSL
  • Password Protected Webpages
  • Secure Shell (ssh) Access

If you already have your own domain name registered to you, you can use it in conjunction with our service. If you do not have a domain, you can still have a webpage! We will generate an address for you based on the username you choose.

It's just $5 per month for each 50MB of space you use. Any traffic exceeding 3Gb/month is billed at the same rate. It's that simple!

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